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Year in Review

Posted by VermontVillas on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 Under: Improvements
2014 was one of the most eventful years in Vermont Villas history.  Many improvements and beneficial changes were made, including:

- All carports were refurbished and new roofs installed. This was the largest and most costly project in years, taking months to complete. It finished ahead of schedule, without major problems and need for a special assessment.

- Our Rules and Regulations were revised, the first revision in 12 years.

- The first amendment ever to our CC&Rs was approved and implemented, changing our late fees.

- The tennis courts, neglected for many years, were completely re-done. One of the courts was converted to basketball and pickleball.

- After over 25 years with State Farm, we changed insurance carriers, saving over $8000 per year and providing better coverage.

- Work accelerated on the wood replacement project, installing fascia and wood paneling on all buildings with Hardie Board.  This project is over 80% complete and should finish in 2015.

- All large trees were trimmed and thinned out.

Whew.  Happy New Year to all residents and owners!


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