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Court Trees Trimmed

May 29, 2014
The large eucalyptus trees and some other overgrown vegetation behind our new courts were recently trimmed by our neighbors at Felicita Plaza shopping center. This will help minimize leaves and bird droppings falling onto the court surfaces.  It also provides a more open look between our properties.  Thank you Felicita Plaza for honoring our request to have the work done!

Updated Documents

April 10, 2014
Our Rules and Regulations were recently updated, the first revision in 12 years. They can be found on the Documents page or by clicking here.  Owners, please be sure to distribute a copy to your tenants.

By majority vote of members, an amendment to our CC&Rs has been adopted. This amendment modifies the fee charged for late payment of our monthly dues from a fixed $5 to 10% of the monthly dues. This amendment can also be found on the Documents page or by clicking here.

More Tree Work

March 16, 2014
The remaining trees in our complex needing maintenance were recently trimmed.  A pine tree near the west drive-in gate was also removed. Because of the extensive work done recently, all of our large trees shouldn't need another "haircut" for a few years. Here's before and after views of the palm tree near the tennis courts:


Carport Repairs

February 21, 2014
Extensive repairs were made to four carports during the past couple of weeks. Deteriorated wood was replaced and painted, the structures and storage bins were made more secure, and new roofs were installed. The results are being evaluated before deciding whether to proceed with the other carports. Thanks to all affected residents for your cooperation in emptying your storage bins and keeping the area clear while the work was ongoing.

Trees Trimmed

January 23, 2014
This week 15 large trees (11 Alder, 2 Jacaranda and 2 Melaleuca) in our complex were trimmed and thinned.  Other trees throughout the complex will be trimmed next month.


Backflow Devices Installed

January 18, 2014
To fulfill a city requirement, backflow devices were installed at our water meters last week. Backflow occurs when water flows opposite to its normal or intended direction. This reverse flow of water may be caused by a sudden drop in water pressure and can result in contaminants being drawn into the water supply system. A backflow device prevents this. Thanks to all residents for your cooperation during the time water was shut off to your unit.


Hot Water

December 31, 2013
Hot water is one of those things most of us take for granted; we don't realize how dependent we are until we're without it. There is one 100 gallon hot water heater per building, so we all share this valuable resource. The cost to operate, maintain and replace a water heater is borne by the Association via each member's monthly dues.  We can all do our part to minimize hot water use and keep costs down by doing things such as not leaving the water running when shaving, taking shorter showers, washing clothes in cold water, and operating our dishwashers with a full load of dishes.


Volunteer Day Wrapup

November 22, 2013
A small but hard-working band of volunteers got together the morning of November 16 to beautify the complex. Flower bulbs were planted at the front monuments and a couple of secret spots inside the complex, hopefully to produce a colorful spring show. The clubhouse, spa and pool areas were cleaned and swept, lampposts were cleaned and painted where needed, and some of our metal fencing was cleaned, scraped and painted. Be on the lookout for Volunteer Day, Spring 2014!



October 25, 2013
Our pedestrian gate on Vermont Ave. was recently repaired.  All of our gates get heavy use, taking on hundreds of open and close cycles per day.  Maintenance/repair is costly.  Please:
-- Do not force a gate open
-- Make sure the gate to Vons closes completely behind you, don't leave it propped open
-- Don't open a drive-in gate to walk through, use the pedestrian gate instead
-- Only provide the gate code to trusted friends, family and authorized delivery personnel
-- Report trespassing or any tampering of our gates
Pre-programmed remote units for opening our drive-in gates are available for purchase from our management company for $50.  You can also buy these units from outside sources for less than $15.  If you need a remote and would like more information, please contact us at


Volunteer Day 11/16

September 30, 2013
The next Vermont Villas 'Volunteer Saturday' will be held on the morning of November 16.  Please consider joining us to help spruce up the complex. Cleaning, painting and planting are just a few of the tasks we can take on. Owners, residents, friends and family are all welcome. If you would like to participate or have work suggestions, please contact us at

Step Stripe Painting

August 13, 2013
A volunteer effort has resulted in the repainting of the white stripes at our steps and curbs.  A before and after example:


Condensation Lines

August 8, 2013
So far approximately 40 condos have taken advantage of the offer to have their air conditioning system's condensation lines cleared. Thanks to all participants and especially to those who also had a safety switch installed. If you weren't able to get your condo's line cleared but would like to, contact us at  For more information about condensation lines and safety switches, click here

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